A Sacred Symbol for Our Times Background: The Spirit Cross is an original sacred symbol. The Cross is installed at The Mother Cabrini Shrine in New York City. It was blessed and sanctified at the Pentecostal Mass on July 9, 2019. Does the Cross have a specific meaning? The Spirit Cross is an “open” symbol. Its non-determinate design is an invitation for each viewer to create their own meaning. The Spirit Cross is an ecumenical symbol. The Spirit Cross is an invitation to all peoples to come together – to reflect, pray, or meditate in their own way.  Click "First Impressions” to explore how people from all walks of life responded to first seeing the Spirit Cross. Who designed the Spirit Cross?  Stuart Diamond designed the original image. It was developed and produced in the workshop of Colin Y. Lewis and is crafted from Wenge – an African hardwood known for its durability. What is the story behind the Spirit Cross? The concept of Spirit Cross emerged from on-going discussions with the a

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